16th April 2008
Wanna Be In Our Video?
We will be recording our first video this weekend as we head out in to deepest darkest Sheffield to film a video for 'Surrounded'.

We're really excited about doing this and we're hoping that it will eventually lead to some airplay on either Scuzz or MTV2, But we need your help.....

In order to make the video look as good as possible, we need a few folks to help out. We basically want to throw you a party!! We want as many of you as possible to come over to the video location and join in for bits of the video shoot. We need to make the video look like one big party, so if you're up for being in our first vid, and you're free this weekend - Sunday 20th April - give us a shout and we'll let you know what the score is.

Oh....and if you dress up real slutty, there's more chance of you being at the front of the video!

Contact us from our contact page or leave us a comment on our MySpace.

5th February 2008
Another Brotherhood Review
"Manichae have been playing around Nottingham for over five years, last year they headed out across the UK on their first tour and now they're set to take things to the next level with the release of 'Brotherhood', their four-track EP.

'Brotherhood' is laced with groove-laden tracks, rhythmic drummer and classic basslines. Frontman Paul Hughes' voice is tender, yet powerful. Husky, yet clear. You can hear the emotion behind their music with every word from his mouth. Opening track 'Surrounded' is definitely the track that will get kids moving at a gig, or dancing at a club. 'Sister' on the other hand is a much slower, more emotional track, it's the sort of song that back in the day would have had fans reaching for their lighters, and swaying in unison as the tiny flames flickered.

For me the title track is the stand-out on this CD, it's on this track that you truly get to hear how talented these guys are at their chosen instruments, a special mention has to go to Hughes and Andrew MacDonald who are both shown to be incredibly talented on guitar.

For those of you, like me, who haven't heard Manichae's music before 'Brotherhood' is the perfect introduction and we look forward to hearing some more from these guys soon."

Scene Slut

14th October 2007
Brotherhood Album Review
"What we have here is a rock band and not a revival of the religion from the third century, although the principle should be taken in the same way; a philosophical doctrine in dualism, a Manichean conflict between good and bad. What's good? Well seeing as I've asked the question, the whole damn album. What's bad then? Well, there are only four tracks and I wanted more than that.

So we take a trip down the musical lane of what I can only call 'stoner rock' I hate to sub-categorise but sometimes it's the only way to get your point across. In that though I can safely say Manichae are probably one of the best stoner rock bands the UK has to offer. I can say this for a few reasons and the main one being I haven't heard another good one, but other than that is the fact they can move your emotional scale up and down at will.

We kick off the cd with 'Surrounded' which teases you in to the groove infectiously and before long you're tapping your fingers along to the cymbal driven beat. It's one for the dancers out there definitely. But after any good boogie we all like to recharge and soak up some of the rock atmosphere which 'Sister' does effortlessly, bringing that old-school Stone Temple Pilots feel to the table allowing you to sway your self into track number 3.

'Brotherhood' is the title track and once you listen to it you can see why the rock community is so very much still a family. It captures your attention straight away in a military like fashion, telling you a story of time that has plagued every generation for centuries but still with its message of camaraderie and love for each other. Some might say that's a bit on the soft side, but I say it's endearing and emits an emotion the band clearly have with regards to events in their own life experiences. The 'one in, all in' attitude is one I promote and kudos to Manichae for flying the same flag.

And as we bring this journey to an end we have to conclude with '2 Songs' which is the last track on CD. Again the striking influences are from early Soundgarden, Jesus Christ pose, and I endeavour to say 'Pearl Jam'. But, that aside, the guys have their own way of musical conveyance, a unique tone and ability to capture your attention with simple yet captivating riffs, an art which is long forgotten. There's no need to draw out your tunes with solo after solo. Make your point once and make it strong! And they have. Brotherhood is a melodious, beguiling, auditory sensation that should be in everyone's music box."

Nemesis Productions

22nd August 2007
Brotherhood EP - Now Available
Thats right, it has finally arrived back from the manufacturing plant. Our second EP - 'Brotherhood' - is now available for purchase. We finished recording this earlier in the year at The Hive Studio in Derby (now Snug Recording Company) and we're really happy with it. The EP costs 3 and has the following 4 tracks:

2 songs

You can get the Brotherhood EP from us at gigs, and it will soon be available through the website and MySpace page. If you want one, give us a shout and we'll sort out getting one to you (see the contact page).

Also available at gigs or soon online are t-shirts. They're available in Medium, Large and Xtra Large (7), Long Sleeve (8) or girls Skinny (8). Again, if you want one, give us a shout - there's a picture of the t-shirt on the MySpace page.

Don't forget that our UKBLive / Metal Hammer / Total Guitar UK Breaking Bands tour starts this Saturday at the Welly Club in Hull. The full list of dates is in the previous news item. We are really excited about this and will be putting on some great shows, so hope to see as many of you there as possible!

It doesn't stop there either. After the tour we have more gigs lined up, including a date down in London with Godsized. Keep your eyes on the gigs list for more information.

9th July 2007
Breaking Bands Tour
You may have seen it being advertised already - Manichae will be joining headliners Beyond The Grave on the Breaking Bands Tour between August 25th - 29th. This tour is being promoted by UKBLive in association with Metal Hammer & Total Guitar.

Please keep your eyes on the gigs section for the dates we are playing. We'd like to see as many of you down there as we can, pick the closest date and come down! We'll be working our collective asses off to give you the best show you've ever seen us play. Make the trip, cos all the other bands kick ass too!

Also we now have new t-shirts available and the Brotherhood EP is coming very soon. While these are not currently available online, please come and catch us on the road for one - or contact us directly.